Gate ECE Previous 30 Year Question Paper With Chapter Wise Solution

Gate ECE Last 30 Year Question Paper with Solution

GATE Chapter Wise Solved papers

by Ace Engineering Academy
GATE Previous year question papers for electronics and communication engineering is very hard to arrange. Suppose, somehow you arrange previous 2-3 year question paper. Then, most of them are unsolved. So, to help you I came up with the book which gives you GATE ECE last 30-year chapter-wise solved paper. 

Every Gate Aspirant want to get RANK under 100, But only a few of them get success. As we all know every year more thank 5,00,000 students are appearing for GATE Exam.

So, to get Rank under 100 is very tough. Just relax and think, what makes toppers different from others?

The answer is simple because they have some strategies and study material which you don't have.

So, to help you to get good rank in gate exam, I came up with this answer. I also uploaded ace academy study material pdf on this website. So, must download it from this website. 


This book is preferred by every GATE Toppers because this gives you previous 30 Year Subjectwise + Chapter wise solved papers and the best part is that it is provided by ACE Academy. 

Yes, you heard right. It is provided by ACE Engineering Academy. So, I suggest you buy this book as early as possible and crack GATE Exam.

This book gives you previous 30 Year solved paper with the explanation to each answer.

This book is divided into subjects which are further divided into chapters. So, It is very helpful to you to solve previous year question after completing every topic.

For every single question there is a detailed solution and for many questions, shortcut tricks are also given in this book to save time in the exam.

This book is published by ACE Engineering Academy. As we all know ACE Academy is the number 1 coaching center for GATE. So, I think now I don't need to explain, why should you purchase this book?

I buy some books on previous year paper buy in that book I found lots of error. And when I  saw ACE Academy Previous year question paper book. Believe me, I can't find even a single error in this book.

Thanks for ACE Academy for providing such a wonderful book to GATE Aspirants.

#6. USERS RATING 4.9/5:-
When we ask students to rate this book on various social media platform and reading reviews of verified buyers on amazon. We conclude that the rating of this book is 4.9 out of 5.

NOTE: If you are preparing for GATE Exam and want good rank then I must suggest you buy this book now. And after completing Each Chapter of particular subject solve previous year questions of that chapter from this book. Because this book is divided into chapters.

I hope you all buy this book on GATE ECE previous 30-year chapter-wise solved paper and start preparing for your exam.


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I hope you all will buy GATE Electronics & communication previous 30-year Question Paper with chapter wise solution book to get the good mark in GATE Exam.

GATE 2018 CSE & IT ACE Academy Handwritten Notes [Latest] Study Material Free Download

gate cs ace academy notes, gate cs study material free download
GATE 2018 CS & IT ACE Academy Notes Study Material PDF Free Download
Every Gate Aspirant want best notes which will help me to get 1st rank in Gate exam. Am I right? So, I decided to share the best GATE study material for CS ever i.e. Ace Academy Notes with all the students who are preparing for Gate Exam because it is the best study material for GATE exam.

Every Gate Aspirant want to know very simple but important question that, How can I prepare for Gate Exam?

So, To help you, I decided to share Gate CSE and IT ACE Academy.

How to Prepare for GATE Exam in One Month

prepare gate exam, crack gate exam
Tips to prepare GATE exam in one month without any coaching

Every Gate aspirant want to know that how to prepare for GATE exam in one month without any coaching? Am I right?

So, to help you I came up with this detailed article in which you learn easy steps to prepare your gate exam in less time.

Believe me, If you seriously follow these 10 simple steps then you can prepare your GATE Exam within one month without any coaching.

We provide you unique GATE Exam study material on this website. So, check it regularly. Otherwise, you will miss some important study material for your GATE exam.

Ok without wasting your time now I am going to give you the tips which may help you to prepare your gate exam.

Let's dive in!

💡 Tips to Prepare For Gate Exam in One Month

If you want the 1st rank in GATE Exam then 1st thing you should know is your syllabus. So, I suggest all of you check your syllabus before start preparing for your exam.
I saw many students start preparing for GATE exam with hard subjects. If you are one of them then believe me it is not good for you. You are taking a big risk. I will suggest you start with the easy subject to cover most of the subjects in little time.
Many students waste their time in reading theory all the day and don't try to solve even a single problem. Believe me, it may affect your rank.
When you solve questions, then not only it helps you to understand the topic more effectively but also it help you to solve the question in more fast and accurate way.
So, I suggest you solve 10-15 question daily. If you follow this tip seriously then believe me withing one week you realise that you can solve questions in more fast and accurate way.
It is the easiest way to prepare for gate exam in less time. According to a recent research when we study in the group, We discuss some things like how to solve the question, how to manage time, tricks, discuss theory etc. which remains in our mind for a longer time. That's why group study is the best way to prepare any exam.

#5.  MOCK TEST:-
You may have the question in mind that, I can solve any question so why should I waste my money on test series? 

Believe me, when you start giving test series online then it not only help you to solve the question in the faster way but also it help you to solve different types of questions and also they provide you shortcut tricks for each question. 

But remember, only join test series of best institutes like ACE Academy or Made Easy or Gate Forum. According to me, ACE Academy test Series is the best.

Did you know? When you read anything 1st time then it remains in your mind for 10-15 days. If you read it again then it can retain in your mind for approx 2 months. Again you revise then it can retain in your mind for 6-7 months and so on. So revise subjects in regular intervals.

Aptitude is the best subject because If you know the tricks you can solve each and every question within 10-15 seconds.

That's the reason, I suggest every GATE aspirants prepare aptitude section first. Because you can score 15/15 marks in this section.

If you don't know the aptitude shortcut tricks. Then don't worry.
These 2 books give you shortcut tricks to solve each question within 10-15 seconds:-

As I explain you the power of revision in point 6. Now you can understand why should you focus on revision each subject again and again.

Find the subject in which you are weak. And daily give at least one hour to that subject. It will help you to be expert in that subject. So, I again want to say you that while preparing for other subjects must give daily 1 hour to the subject in which you are weak and see the result within few days.

ACE Academy Provides best Practice booklet at affordable prize. I suggest every GATE Aspirant to buy this Booklet because there are 4000+ Expected Questions for GATE Exam which you can solve daily to prepare like a topper.

Many students don't solve previous year Gate paper. And it's not good for you if you are one of them. So, I will suggest you solve previous year questions.

Suppose you are preparing maths subject then after completing 1st chapter solve previous year questions then shift to next chapter.

ACE Academy Provides LAST 30 Years Subject Wise and Chapter Wise Solve Paper.
That’s it!

I hope now you understand, how to prepare GATE exam in one month without any coaching?

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Best of Luck!

GATE Mechanical ACE Academy Handwritten Notes for 2018 [Latest] Free Download

Finally, we are going to give you ACE Academy Hyderabad Hand Written Notes for Mechanical Engineering. As we all know that the Ace Academy Notes are best notes to prepare GATE/IES/PSU exams. So, I decided to share it with all of you.

2 Best Books to Prepare Aptitude For Gate Exam - (By Gate Toppers)

As we know every GATE Aspirants want to crack gate but they don't know the proper strategies to crack gate. Am I right?

If you want to score good mark in GATE exam then Aptitude Section helps a lot because it takes only 15-30 Seconds to solve Aptitude Sections if you know the tricks to solve aptitude questions. 

If you don't know these Tricks then don't worry, because today I am going to give you some the name of 2 Best Books which is prefer by every GATE AIR-1 Toppers.

I am also preparing for GATE and all my friends and teachers suggest me that these 2 books are not only useful for GATE exam but also for many other competitive examinations like Bank exam, CAT exam, Railway Exam, PSC, SSC and many more competitive exam. So, I bought these books from Amazon because it provides approx. 40-50% discounts. 

And when I receive this book. I feel that Why did I not buy this book earlier? Believe me guys, these books cover all the topic related to GATE Exam and for most of topics. it gives shortcut tricks to solve question within 10-15 seconds.

So, I suggest Each GATE Aspirants buy these book given below.

2 Best Books to Prepare Aptitude Section 

1) Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Aggarwal

  • Salient Feature of this book :-
  1. Cover all Gate Topics related to aptitude.
  2. Each chapter consist theory and 30+examples.
  3. After each chapter 100+ Practice questions with solution is given.
  4. Shortcut tricks to solve each topic questions within 15-20 seconds.
  5. Error Free and easy language.
  6. Shortcut tricks for each questions.
  7. 1st choice of every GATE AIR-1 Ranker.
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2) A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal

If you are weak in Verbal & Non-Verbal section then, I suggest you prefer this book. This is the best book for verbal and nonverbal section.
  • Salient Feature of this book:-
  1. Cover all Gate Topics related to verbal and nonverbal.
  2. Shortcut tricks.
  3. After every chapter Lots of practice questions with answer is given.
  4. Easy to undersand.
  5. Shortcut tricks to solve each topic questions within 15-20 seconds.
  6. 1st choice of every GATE AIR-1 Ranker.
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All the best!
I hope this article help you to select the best book for Preparation of Aptitude section.

If you want any suggestion then comment below. 

GATE ECE ACE Academy Notes for 2018 [Latest] Free Download

Every Gate Aspirant want a note which will help them to get 1st rank in Gate exam. Am I right? So, I decided to share GATE ECE Study Material i.e. Ace Academy Notes with all the students who are preparing for Gate 2018 Exam because it is the best study material for all.

Every Gate Aspirant want to know that How can I prepare for Gate Exam?

So, To help you, I decided to share these study materials with all of you.